Friday, October 10, 2008

Story of a girl...
Who lived in a world where all was not fair or right or just too much 
of the time.
Still there was laughter and still there was joy'
For along the way and in her travels she had learned many valuable lessons.
One in particular that which brings you down cannot keep you there
unless you allow it...and you cannot hold another down unless you
stay down with them.
She learned most lessons the hard way and in doing so discovered
that pain can be a great motivator and bring many gifts.
She discovered that her trials and tribulations gave her the humility
to see more deeply into the hearts and souls of others.
She learned that sometimes life's greatest treasures are found in the
most unexpected places.
She came to realize that sometimes it is not getting what you want
that can bring about a happiness never expected or dreamed.
She came to understand that its the letting go that takes the greatest
strength and that to surrender is not the same as giving up.
She discovered that the happiness she sought was closer to home
than she knew.
She came to understand that loving someone isn't always easy
but it isn't meant to always be hard.
Sadly she learned that you cant always be with the one you love
and you don't always love the one you are with.
She learned that in her life the very people whom she thought were 
supposed to love and care for her the most where in fact the very
people who caused the most hurt and suffering.
She came to understand that they did the best they could.
She learned and valued acceptance and understood it to be the
answer to many of lifes questions and difficulties.
Thus discovering it is more important to be someone
rather than something.
She came to realize that possessions ought never replace the value of people.Things are replaceable, people are not.
Although she lived in a world of extravagance, she learned that less is more.
She came to understand that happiness truly was a means of travel,
not a destination.
She discovered that hope is the jewel of life and that when everyone else 
has given up and all else fails, hope will find a way.
She saw that some peoples fears haunted thenm more than actual events.
She noticed that some people stumbled over the truth from time to time
but many picked themselves up and brushed themselves off as if 
nothing had happened.
She learned not to fear her darkness, for she had discovered that  
some things only show up in the dark and that is where the light
shines the brightest.
She realized people may come and go but feelings remain and
that there could be great healing on the other side of great suffering.
She learned that being alone and being lonely were two different things.
She discovered that there is always another way and that she would never
have known the joy in being found had she never lost herself.
She found that sometimes the answer to the problem caused an even
bigger problem in the end.
She came to know that there is great freedom in forgiveness but that
it is a journey in itself to get there.
She realized she was never able to unlove that man.
She discovered it really is true, better to have loved and lost
than to never haver loved at all.
She came to learn that surrender takes a great deal of courage.
She learned there is a great difference between loving someone
because you need them and needing someone because you love them.
She discovered it takes courage to remain true to yourself and that sometimes
you have to be willing to let go of everything you think you have in order to
hold onto yourself...
And then SHE LIVED!

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