Thursday, September 10, 2009

Feeling much?


messyfish said...

eeeek! I know how this feels! I hope that your feeling is passing, and you are feeling a bit bitter about things today! xxx

tortagialla said...

Wow, really showing the emotion here. I love the idea behind your business and wish you all the best. Beautiful art and conscious.
linda (

Dean Grey said...


I love, love, love this!

The face is so shocking and expressive and cool!

I eyes are piercing!

But why are there two faces, one underneath the other? I tried comparing the two but they look identical. Am I wrong?

Also, what medium did you use?

Very neat!


melanie said...

Thanks Dean'
I was having a very difficult time and felt how it looks that's for sure. I'm happy to say it passed.

I used ink and watercolour. You are right they are the same, the only difference is one has been photoshopped....Thanks for your feedback'

Hope you are doing ok'
Cheers Mel

Dean Grey said...


Yes, I'm doing better now and glad to hear you are too!