Friday, January 8, 2010

Heaven is a glorious sunset'


messyfish said...

is that from today??? I was wayching with habby and baby on the new day bed! was sooo nice. new day bed is old trampoline with lots of blankets and cushions converted!!)
nice shots!!

Dean Grey said...


Oh my goodness! This is STUNNING!!

Did you take the picture yourself? Where is this area from?



melanie said...

Hey Messyfish' it was taken a few days ago' tis gold isn't it? trampoline to day bed...nice, bouncy'

melanie said...

Oh thanks Dean'

I thought you might enjoy it, I'm happy that you do.

It was taken from my back veranda, on the Central Coast, which is on the east coast of Australia...
It's beautiful isn't it and I'm so lucky to be able to witness it, daily in one glorious color combination or another.

I appreciate your appreciation.

Cheers Mel

Ms Leaney said...

I MISS U!!! What beautiful photos

Indigene said...

This is absolutely gorgeous and this certainly heavenly!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing photography, my you are so gifted, just amazing to see the sunset like that, great moment frozen in time. xo

Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures, feels like heaven!