Monday, March 8, 2010


Then there was Hope

Coming up over the horizon like a brillant sunrise, hope returned.

Where have you been? she questioned.

I’ve felt so lost without you.

I have wandered through the valley of misery and swam in a sea of despair.

When you left, you took Faith with you, life has been difficult and I have suffered, said the girl.

Hope just smiled it’s glorious smile and spread it’s warm and lovely light all over her.

The girl breathed a deep and welcome sigh of relief.

After some time Hope spoke…

I may have disappeared a while but I see that you have survived on Courage.

Courage has served you well in my absence.

In through that suffering you have grown and surrendered to yourself, replied Hope.

In time you will see I have given you the gift of time and space to come to know yourself, all that you are, all that you are capable of feeling and how you wish to live.

In doing so you welcome and appreciate my return.

Now we will travel side by side and faith has become your friend.


Dean Grey said...

Hope, hope, hope!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful writing, I can see a book in this.