Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Girl in the World

A most fantastic and lovely day was had at a very green and wonderful preschool, filming our song, last Friday. A song written by the beautiful and talented Peter Morgan...

Tis so rich in meaning and loveliness it brought tears to my eyes. The children sang with the beautiful voices and we were very lucky to have a talented and fantastic filmmaker shoot the video for us. I will post the video here as soon as I have it...

In the meantime check out the gallery to see our crowd funding video, images from the book and my lovely organic ( no harmful chemicals ) coloured hair.

The kids loved it and so did all the peak hour commuters on Sydney trains.

Thankyou to all the wonderful people supporting A Girl in the World. It is appreciated very much :-) please feel free to keep sharing it around, every book pre-ordered gets A Girl in the World closer to fundraising goal.:-)))
and helps us launch our first book in the series.

For those who want to support the launch of A Girl in the World here's how, just follow this link and order your copy of the first book :-)

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