Sunday, March 4, 2012

Peace Exhibition in Celebration of International Peace Day September 21, 2012

I'm holding a PEACE exhibition in September in Sydney, date and location to be confirmed? But it will happen, opening night will be held on September 21 to mark International Peace Day and I will be generating some buzz around it especially as this year will mark what will hopefully be the worlds first ever global cease fire thanks to the tireless efforts of Peace One Day founder and campaigner Jeremy Gilley.

The exhibition will be a collaboration of artists and photographers and I am more than happy to count you in, if you are interested? Contact me - see my contact details on the right hand side and I will give you further details...

The theme is PEACE...How you choose to interpret that is entirely up to you.

Please feel free to pass on the exhibition and my contact details to anyone else you know that may be interested in exhibiting.

Peace Melanie

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