Thursday, March 29, 2012

Story of A Girl

Story of A Girl

Story of a girl who lived in a world where all was not fair or right or just too much of the time,

but still there was laughter and still there was joy.

For along the way and in her travels she had learned quite a few valuable lessons.

One in particular being, that which brings you down cannot keep you down unless you allow it and that you cannot hold another down unless you stay down with them.

She learned most lessons the hard way and in doing so learned that pain can be a gift that allows you to see more humbly and deeply into the hearts and souls of others.

She learned that sometimes life’s most treasured gifts often come in the most unwelcome packages.

She came to understand that it is letting go that requires the greatest strength.

She came to understand that not getting what it is you think you want, can bring about a greater joy than you anticipated or dreamed.

She discovered that the happiness she sought was closer to home than she realized.

She learned that loving someone sometimes isn’t always easy but that it shouldn’t always be hard.

Sadly she learned that you can’t always be with the one you love and that you don’t always

love the one you are with.

She learned that too often it was the people who she thought were supposed to love and care about

her the most that caused the most pain.

She learned and valued that acceptance really was the answer to many problems.

Discovering it’s more important to be who you are, than to worry about what you are.

She understood that possessions ought never replace the value of people,

things are replaceable, people are not.

Although she lived in a world of extravagance, she learned that less is more.

She came to believe that happiness truely was a means of travel and not a destination.

She discovered that hope really is the jewel of life and that when everyone else has given up,

when all else fails, hope will find a way.

She saw that some people’s fears haunted them more than actual events.

She saw that many people stumbled over the truth from time to time and most picked them selves up and brushed themselves of as if nothing had happened.

She learned not to fear her darkness for she had discovered that some things only show up in the dark and that is where the light shines the brightest.

She realized people come and go but feelings do remain and that there could be great healing

on the other side of great suffering.

She learned that being alone and feeling lonely were two different things.

She discovered that there is always another way and that she would never have known the joy of finding her self if she hadn’t got lost.

She found that sometimes the answer to the problem created an even bigger problem.

She came to understand that there is great relief and freedom in forgiveness but that it is a

journey in itself to get there.

She realized that she was never able to unlove that man.

She discovered that it really is true, it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.

She learned that surrender is often a sign of great strength, as is gentleness.

She came to the understanding that there was a difference between loving someone because you need them and needing someone because you love them.

She discovered it takes courage to remain true to yourself and that sometimes you have to be willing to let go of everything you think you have to hold onto yourself.

Then she lived…

By Melanie Lee


Anonymous said...

Beautiful words Melanie...I always loved the journey of the girl in you!

melanie said...

Thankyou Rachel for your lovely words :-)