Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Girl In The World

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A Girl In The World is a series of children's books.

Created to encourage children and adults to share thoughts and feelings, to nourish philosophical and spiritual communication and to enrich emotional connection.

Each book will be Australian made with full environmental considerations and certification, so that it may sit in the hands of children and adults not having cost the earth. Raising awareness for sustainable printing and eco friendly trade and practices will empower children and parents to be part of the solution.

We aim to raise awareness for Orphfund, a wonderful life saving and life changing organisation that champions children's wellbeing and welfare throughout the world.

A Girl in the World is raising awareness for ORPHFUND

Orphfund is a volunteer based organisation helping abandoned,

orphaned and vulnerable children around the world, regardless of race or religion.

They run grass root, self-sustaining, community projects, that provide shelter, nutrition, health care, support, education and training, ensuring all children have a happy and bright future.

Orphfund are purely volunteer based and they are proud to ensure that 100% of any donation will reach children living in poverty.

To find out more about them, the work that they do and how you can help please visit…

A girl in the world books and stories are designed to delight.

They are about creating a space where children and adults may experience heartfelt conversations and communication about thoughts and feelings.

A Girl In The World books and stories are as much about creating that time and place where thoughts and feelings can be shared as it is about the books and stories themselves. In a hurried world and busy lives, this precious time can all to often be lost to so many other responsibilities.

Providing opportunities that encourage and allow children to connect to, understand and express themselves is vital to their mental, emotional and spiritual health and growth. This helps to foster in them the understanding and importance of their place in the world and validates that their thoughts and feeling matter.

Helping build confidence and resilience in children and develop a healthy sense of themselves is of the greatest importance. It also clears a path for them to develop a strong belief in themselves and their ability to make positive choices. One of the greatest gifts we can offer our children is the knowledge that they have choices, that they can choose to respond or react.

It helps children to understand that they have the power to affect change through the choices they make and to take responsibility for creating and sharing ideas, thoughts and feelings, even if difficult and challenging, in a safe and positive manner.

The Way The Books Are Made-is as important as the WHY.

By creating children’s books that are eco friendly and sustainable with transparency and information as to the printing and production of these books it also opens up the world of possibility to explore and converse with children about the environment and our need to protect it.

Opening up those conversations with children and sharing the vast number of ways we can do that will help them feel pro-active and equip to make decisions and choices regarding the future of our.

A Girl In The World books are eco friendly and certified, printed and produced with full
environmental considerations and certification.

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